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the wisdom of age 
I’m getting older. I’m not as old as some of you and I’ll never catch you up, but I’m beginning to creak. The eyes get tired, the knees are a bit dodgy and the back aches, especially after a stretch in the garden; but here is the advantage: More ...
Geoff Lawton
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the willingness of youth 
As a young person, I would love to climb mountains. On holiday I would always try to get to the top of any hill or mountain I would be near. Growing up in Lowestoft kind of limited the amount of climbing one could do, but when on holiday, I loved it More ...
Geoff Lawton
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the joy of the Lord is your strength
The church is not always marked with joy. I can remember as a young believer laughing and joking with friends after a church service and being reprimanded for not behaving in a proper fashion within the church building. More ...
Geoff Lawton
Nehemiah - step by step 
Over the last few weeks in the Norwich Vineyard we have been looking at some of the themes that we find when reading Nehemiah. More ...
Geoff Lawton
for the sake of the world - the responsibility of following Jesus
everyone gets to play 
st George's day 
all change